Company Goal

The name “RaidenID” is synonymous with trust built on reliable product quality, continual technology development, and perfect customer services.

Marketing Strategy

The global Pneumatics market is changing rapidly. In Striving to rise as leading brand in this dynamic environment, RaidenID continues to focus on enhancing product and service quality, developing new products, exploring new markets, and assimilating the latest in corporate management technologies. On a particular note, we’ve greatly enhanced our productivity by adopting a digital network that integrates ordering, purchasing, production, and logistics into a single digital network.

The future of RaidenID is our customers. Expect complete satisfaction fromour unsurpassed quality, competitive prices, and friendly services.


RaidenID, having been engaged solely in the field of Pneumatics for over the years since its establishment, will continue to provide uncompromised satisfaction to our customers with reliable products, accurate and complete services, and a revolutionary and adaptive strategy capable of presenting new possibilities.

The name RaidenID in Pneumatic Industries with its huge distribution network all over India world wide.